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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Topsurfer Review - Tutorial and Guide - Legit Paying Site

Work at Home Online Jobs at Topsurfer

Topsurfer Review. Scam or Legit? LEGIT


How to earn money with Topsurfer?
- earn unlimited $10.00 per upgraded referral
- earn over $10.00 as a free member, over $20.00 as an upgraded member per month even without referrals through surfing ads
- earn unlimited $0.10 per active referral
- earn more from referral clicks

Topsurfer is one of the best traffic exchange where you can make money from. You can also advertise your other online business for free. It has proven to be legit and been paying tens and thousands of members since 2001. One of the best work at home online jobs for newbies!

Topsurfer is paying through CoinsPh and Coinbase.


Watch the Topsurfer Tutorial and Guide:

How to withdraw your money?

Go to menu then go to "your money". Choose Coinbase then put your your Coinbase email. If you don't have Coinbase yet, click here to signup. You can also choose Cryptocurrency and put your BTC and ETH address there from CoinsPh and LTC address from Coinbase. If you don't have Coinsph yet, click here to signup.

If you are a newbie and have no idea how to get your money online into real cash, read our getting started guide here.

How free members earn?

You can earn upto $15.00 per month surfing the hit exchange and solo ads. You also earn unlimited $0.10 for each active referral. You also earn from your referral clicks.

Strategy for free members: Withdraw your your earnings on your first month ($15.00) then use it to upgrade so you can earn more as an upgraded member.

How upgraded members earn?

Upgrade is only $10. When you have just 1 referral upgrade then you get your money back right away. All other referrals who upgraded is an additional unlimited $10.00 per referral income for you. You also earn about $25.00 from surfing the hit exchange and solo ads so even if you do not have any referrals, you will still make money.

How to earn $400.00 per month (Php 20,000+ per month)?

You just need 40 active upgraded referrals. Guide them how it works so they will always be upgraded members every month!

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